AB Model Management is a full service modeling agency, based in Las Vegas. We staff events in all major metropolitan cities across the US, and have a hand selected roster of over 500 models. We guarantee you will find the perfect fit for your next event. ABMM specializes in all aspects of the Modeling Industry, but our primary focus is the Promotional Modeling division. Our expertise include trade shows, conventions, liquor promotion, atmosphere and corporate events, as well as festivals and sporting events. We offer Brand Ambassadors, Model Bartenders/Cocktail Servers, body paint models and Go-Go dancers. All of our models are selected through a rigorous casting and are then screened and interviewed. We do not book our models until they complete our thorough training program. This ensures that our models are the finest available in the industry! We not only have a vast diversity of looks and personalities, we also have models that are bilingual, fluent in Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. Here at AB Model Management we know you don’t want “just another pretty face.” We believe the best reason to add promotional models to your event, is to create brand awareness and increase sales! At ABMM we pride ourselves in standing apart from other agencies with the most professional and detail oriented staff in the industry.

Who We Are

The Owner

Andrea Bella started AB Model Management with one idea in mind: Creating an agency run by a model - for the models! Having worked in the model industry of Las Vegas for several years, Andrea has a great understanding of what it takes to succeed in this business, and the many different styles of events and models, and how to best pair clients needs, with the talent they are looking for! She excelled in print, liquor promotions, trade show modeling and convention hostessing. Prior to this, she worked as a model bartender and cocktail server in both fine dining and nightclub/dayclub establishments, so she truly understands every facet of the Las Vegas industry. She not only has knowledge of trade show, and promotional modeling, but she has vast knowlegdge in spirits and the liquor sales industries, as well. While making a name for herself as a model, Andrea’s sales skills are what truly shined, at every promotion and event. Whether it was a trade show or liquor promotion, agents and clients alike, knew that if she was part of the team, the event would be a success! These skills are what she brings to AB Model Management and Andrea uses them to train her professional staff at ABMM.  Andrea has worked tirelessly to create an agency that offers the best talent in Las Vegas! By putting the models first, she has been able to bring top notch talent,  who are all enthusiastic and happy to be part of the team! Today ABMM staffs the finest Las Vegas has to offer, with a 100% satisfaction rate. We have now expanded to other metropolitan cities such as San Francisco, Miami and Dallas! Andrea is so proud of what ABMM has become, and has vowed to always make quality the most important component of the business’s success.

                Andrea Bella

                Owner - AB Model Managemenrt